Missions Update

From urban cities to rural mountain villages, from the frozen tundra to tropical terrain, missionaries from Faith Baptist Church serve around the world among a variety of people groups. Join us as we pray specifically this month for the K family's work in Asia:

  • We have two different English bible study groups. Ask the Lord to bring people who don’t yet believe to come and hear the good news!
  • It takes so much to plant a church. Much was going on before we arrived, and much is going on today. Pray that God will give us wisdom in partnerships and for perseverance for co-laborers.
  • Pray we will have boldness and patience; pray we will have clarity in our witness.
  • Pray for the discipleship and mentoring relationships we have here with believing friends. Pray those relationships will be catalysts as we step out and take risks for HIS sake.
  • Pray for us as we are joining with locals in serving during the World Cup.

"Therefore, our God, hear the prayer and the petitions of Your servant. Make Your face shine on Your desolate sanctuary for the Lord’s sake." Daniel 9:17

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