April 2019 at Faith Baptist

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Now that March has drawn to a close, we look to a new month to serve the Lord as a body at Faith Baptist Church. Check out updates, upcoming events, and spotlight of Faith Baptist member, Sonny Day, in this month’s blog!


Keeping Up with the $20 Challenge

What a blessing it is to leverage our time, talents, and treasure as investments to advance the Good News through God’s Church! At our members’ meeting in February of this year, we celebrated the fact that in only 8 months, we’ve paid over $142K towards the principal balance on our mortgage debt. 
Let’s continue freeing up treasure to be invested in other things, Faith Family! You can participate in our $20 Challenge by selecting “$20 Challenge” as the designation for your online contributions, or you can indicate what your funds are for when you give using an offering envelope on Sundays.


The Faith Baptist Food Pantry serves bellies and souls!

Something you may not know about Faith Baptist is that we have had a 20+ year ministry as a local Food Pantry for our community. Every third Thursday of the month, our church hosts a Food Pantry to meet both physical and spiritual needs for individuals and families of the surrounding counties. Faith’s Food Pantry provides a bin for each participant, which may include a variety of items such as canned foods, pasta, rice, cereal, macaroni dinners, boxed mashed potatoes, canned meat, carrots, bread, etc. 

The individuals who come to our Food Pantry are more than just people who need food, however. The encouragers who work with our Food Pantry are Faith Baptist members who have the chance to pray with and build up participants. We at Faith desire to be a church that is known to care for our community in any way that we can.

If you’re interested in serving with the Faith Baptist Food Pantry, then we have needs that you can help fulfill. Drop off canned goods, cereals, boxed dinners, or rice in the Faith Baptist Church Gallery (in the hallway outside our Front Office) at any time. You can also become a greeter and work with the youth and children during the times that their parents come to our Food Pantry. 

For more information, contact Robin Wilkie by phone (919 556-3420 ext. 135) or by email (robin@faithnc.org).


Sonny Day: A Story about Christ-like Love and Discipleship Across a Barrier of Bars!

Sonny Day. This is a name that’s difficult to forget, and since sitting down to hear his story, I’ve discovered Sonny’s story to be something else that I’ll remember for the rest of my days. He’s a Tennessee boy; you can hear it in his voice. Raised in Knoxville, TN, Sonny’s mother relentlessly hauled the family to church each Sunday morning. Even amidst dad’s alcohol issues and abusive tendencies, mom never gave up believing that his heart could change. At age fifty-seven, Sonny’s father finally accepted Christ, so Sonny now had parents that loved God and loved their children. But years of turmoil inside the Day home had left Sonny “nervous, twisted, and red-hot tempered.” He recalls accepting the call to follow Christ at age twelve, but by age seventeen, he had begun a downward spiral. 

“I just never did walk the walk.” Sonny recalls. 

Eventually, work sent Sonny to Chattanooga, TN, where he met a man, Tom, who redirected his focus to the Lord. Tom was a man after God’s own heart. Through Tom’s encouragement, Sonny began attending church once again. From Chattanooga, Sonny later moved to Greenville, SC, where he met another individual that the Lord used to keep Sonny on a godly path; this time, a baby boy named Jake. By the time Jake was two-years-old, Sonny had begun babysitting for Jake’s mother pretty regularly. As Jake grew, Sonny began looking after him more and more. They fished together, hunted together, and even attended church together. By God’s grace, Sonny saw Jake be baptized and he also witnessed him walk the stage for his high school graduation. He learned to love Jake as he would his own son. Though Sonny was planning on moving back to Tennessee after retirement, it just didn’t feel right to leave Jake, who was only 4 years old at the time Sonny retired. And as Sonny recalls, it was the leading of the Lord that kept him in Greensville because shortly after deciding to stay in South Carolina, he met his wonderful wife Carol. 

Despite the incredible relationship that Sonny and Jake had, Jake also faced a downward spiral of his own. In the years following Jake’s high school graduation, Sonny received a call informing him that Jake had been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“It broke me.” Sonny explains, still struggling to accept that Jake’s thirty-year sentence is quite literally a sentence that will keep Jake and Sonny apart for the rest of Sonny’s life.

Thankfully, the separation hasn’t led to deterioration of their relationship, however. Much like the love our heavenly Father pours out upon His children, Sonny continues to pour out his love to Jake as he serves his sentence in prison. Sonny prays that Jake can now serve as a missionary to his fellow inmates in prison. “He’s doing ok,” Sonny answers whenever he’s asked about Jake, “God loves him, I love him, and my prayer is that he remembers that while he’s in there.” One way that Sonny disciples people is by copying notes from a Bible that his mother gave him, into a new Bible that he intends to give to someone else. This isn’t a small task as there are many notes to copy, but Sonny is diligent in this when he wants to share God’s Word and some of his personal insight with someone. Recently, Sonny decided that the next one he would give away would be to his very own bride.

Sonny and Carol, his wife of fifteen years, began attending Faith four years ago. They visited after checking out various churches in the area. Upon visiting Faith Baptist, it was the worship team that really caught their attention. “So many gifted individuals in one place. What better place to worship the Savior?” Sonny and Carol thought. This thought didn’t linger as long as needed for Carol, however. Carol has since stopped attending Faith with Sonny. Family circumstances led Carol to question a few things about church and she no longer desires to attend any worship services. But even this hasn’t hindered Sonny’s unshakable faith. 

“She’ll come back.” Sonny says with confidence in the Lord. “And good will come out of Jake’s situation.” 

As Sonny prays for his wife and son, he says he has learned to find contentment in this seemingly unsettling time in his life. He’s learning patience like he’s never experienced before. 

 “Still yet, God’s working on me. I just, I know everything will be alright.”

Let’s all join Sonny in praying for Jake, Carol, and anyone else who may be in trying circumstances or in need of an encounter with our Savior.


Upcoming Events

The month of April holds many events for the Faith Baptist Church community. Grab your calendar and mark down the following dates to make sure you don’t miss out on anything! 

The Crossroads of a Day: Easter 2019, on April 12, 13,14,19, and 20, at 6:30 p.m. each evening

Choose from one of five evenings to experience a Gospel-centered telling of how the Easter story impacted history and still transforms lives today.

Youngsville Community Egg Hunt, on Saturday, April 13, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Luddy Park
Meet the Youngsville community at this public event and enjoy fun for the whole family. There will be bounce houses, chalk zones, giveaways, an egg hunt, and more. Best of all, this event is free!

2019 Student Spring Retreat, April 25 through April 27, in Oxford, NC. 
Students will focus on the theme “Value” as they dive into God’s Word to better understand what scripture has to say about this topic.

Human Coalition’s 4,000 Steps Experience, on April 27, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Imago Dei Churchin Raleigh. 

The 4,000 Steps Experience serves to give individuals the opportunity to journey through common challenges women and men who are seeking an abortion must overcome to find hope and choose life for their child. The event includes praise and worship, testimonies, family activities, food, and fellowship.

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