May 2019 at Faith Baptist - Mother's Day Edition

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Thank a special lady in your life this Mother’s Day

Attention mamas of Faith Baptist Church! We recognize you all this month of May for the laborious days you spend providing for your families—both small and large. You chauffer the kids around to every sporting event imaginable. You continually forgive bad attitudes. You wipe food-filled face after food-filled face. You sacrifice sleep more nights than not. You support your children through every triumph and defeat. And above all, you selflessly give of yourself to the members of your households with each new morning.

This Mother’s Day, Faith Baptist not only thanks the mamas, but also the wives, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and single gals who exemplify the godly characteristics of a Proverbs 31 woman. You are far more precious than jewels. You work with willing hands. Strength and honor are your clothing. You can laugh at the time to come. You who fear the Lord will be praised. (Proverbs 31:10,13,17,25,30)

The women of Faith Baptist teach us the attribute of endurance. They call upon the strength of the Lord to manage households, families, and careers. On top of all this, they even manage to show up on Sundays looking radiant as ever. Women of Faith Baptist serve with cheerful hearts. Thank you, ladies, for giving of your time, money, resources, and abilities that Faith Baptist may grow to glorify God all the more!


Member Spotlight – One of our very own Faith mamas!

Let’s meet a new Faith mama and her family. Hope McLaughlin, husband Dave, and two-year-old daughter Adaline began attending Faith Baptist Church last October. Dave and Hope quickly began visiting Faith Groups in hopes that the Lord would provide a more intimate gathering with believers each Sunday morning. They have since joined the group, Marriage in the Modern World, where Hope finds great comfort and encouragement in communing with other mothers who keep her grounded throughout the rest of her week.  

“I never wanted to have kids when I was growing up, nor did I ever want to get married.” Hope recalls.

But oh, how the Lord had His own perfect plans for her life! She’s come to see that the lessons she has learned in patience and grace since Adaline was born are truly unique to parenthood. As Hope became a mother, her relationship with God became something new as well. She now understands the child-parent relationship that mirrors the relationship she shares with her heavenly Father. Just as she continually knows and understands what’s best for her daughter, God knows what’s best for her as His child.

Likewise, Dave has found fatherhood to be a powerful tool of sanctification in his own life.

“Every piece of what it takes to be a parent has to come from God,” explains Dave.

Without God, Dave would find no guidance, no reason for submission, no peace, no patience, and no comfort. Constantly, he seeks to position himself under the authority of the Lord with an undivided attention.

“At the end of the day, I need to go to my Father to teach me how to be a father.”

Dave and Hope heard about Faith Baptist Church through their neighbors, Dan and Judy Davis. At the start of 2019, the McLaughlins became members of Faith. Dave enjoys the teaching aspect of Faith’s sermons. Hope appreciates how personal the church feels, even with over one-thousand attendees. Adaline quite enjoys Faith as well. She claps and cheers as Dave and Hope pull into the parking lot each Sunday morning, knowing of the excitement that lies before her in KidzTown. Dave and Hope appreciate how Faith not only seeks to build up the adults walking through the doors, but the children as well.

“It’s our chance to pause. And she gets to have a fun morning as well!”


Faith on mission this summer

Just as the Davis’s invited the McLaughlins, Faith Baptist Church urges you all to invite someone in your life to join you at church. Four months ago, Faith Baptist, alongside thousands of other Southern Baptist affiliated churches all around America, asked the question Who’s Your One? Who is the single individual in your life that needs to hear of the saving power of Jesus’s death and resurrection? Luke 15:7 exclaims of the triumph in heaven over a single sinner who turns to Christ. Now imagine the proclamation of joy bursting forth from heaven over a multitude of sinners turning their lives to Christ because we each found the boldness to share the gospel with just one person during the year 2019.

The summer heat is already making its debut this season. The temptation to kick back and take a vacation from fervently sharing the Gospel through the summer months prowls around us. National Day of Prayer was May 1, so let’s be encouraged to continue on with a heightened focus on prayer; may we grow in intimacy with our Lord and Savior during the months ahead. Members of Faith Baptist, let’s be faithful to plant the seeds and our Lord will be faithful to send the rain.

The McLaughlins (Dave, Hope, and Adaline)

The McLaughlins (Dave, Hope, and Adaline)

Somer Evans