EQUIP is a one-year internship for men and women that desire to be trained in the work of vocational ministry. It includes 2 courses per semester (Fall/Spring) that can be taken for credit through SEBTS (It is not necessary to take the courses for credit to participate in EQUIP). EQUIP courses are scheduled for Monday evenings from 5:00-8:00pm and are led by the elders of Faith and/or members of Faith who are Faculty at SEBTS. Each meeting will tentatively follow this schedule:

  • Bible Study (each course will study a different book for the NT) 5:00-6:00pm

  • Book Discussion 6:00-7:00pm

  • Lecture/Topic Discussion 7:00-8:00pm

All prospective participants in EQUIP must be members of Faith and apply by June 1st to be considered for the next year’s internship.

EQUIP is most profitable when it is coupled with practical ministry experience within the context of Faith Baptist Church. For this reason, each participant is expected to be serving within the body of Faith in a regular capacity.

Completing EQUIP does not guarantee that you will be sent by Faith as a church planter, missionary, or pastor. However, all those sent out of Faith in these roles will be asked to complete EQUIP before being sent. Future elders of Faith are not required to participate in EQUIP but will be invited to do so.



EQUIP interns will complete the following courses. In order to receive credit through SEBTS students must enroll in the corresponding SEBTS course:

  • Fall Semester

    • Christian Leadership and Mission (8 weeks)

      • SEBTS: PMN6733EQC Christian Leadership Practicum

    • Ecclesiology and Administration

      • SEBT: PMN6721EQC Administration and Education in the Local Church Practicum

  • Spring Semester

    • Personal Discipleship and Disciple-making (8 weeks)

      • SEBTS: EVA6611EQC Personal Discipleship and Disciple-making Practicum

    • Pastoral Ministry and Leadership (8 weeks)

      • SEBTS: PMN6501EQC Pastoral Ministry and Leadership Practicum

      • Please note: this class will be reserved for men who are called to pastoral ministry.



  • PRS6501EQC Bible Exposition II: Communication and Delivery Practicum (available any semester, student must participate in the ongoing Sermon Lab with meet on Tuesdays at 6:00am)

  • PMN7900EQC Mentored Internship in any semester if a mentor is available to oversee the ministry experience. We recommend not doing a mentored internship until after completing EQUIP as it will build on what was learned in EQUIP.