We can worship God in every area of our lives. God has exalted His Name and His Word above all things. Worship is our acknowledgement of God’s worthiness. On Sundays, through the preaching of the Word and through songs based on biblical truth, we exalt His Name and equip our hearts to lift Him up in our day-to-day lives.


Faith’s Worship Arts Ministry is where volunteers seek to serve regularly in music, dramatic arts, storytelling, dance, media, and other art forms. People from different backgrounds, of varying ages, and with unique stories come together to minister to Women, Men, Students, College/Young Adults, and Children every week!



At Faith, we worship through music from a variety of places. From contemporary music to long-cherished hymns to original songs, each of our worship gatherings provides an atmosphere to let the details fade in the light of the Savior we glorify. 

To download or stream Faith’s original songs, visit: